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We are Becoming: Awakened 000

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

"The bird fights its way out of the egg (They) who would be born must first destroy a world." "If it can not break its shell, the chick will die without being born. We are the chick and the world is our egg. If we can not break through the shell of the world we will die without truly being born."

Magic is a skill that can be used to, for sake of this explanation, edit reality. In order to begin learning something like that, ones own reality should be flexible to accommodate. The Course title We are Becoming: Awakened refers to the awakening to ones awareness and the effect you have on the universe. Knowing the unique way that you perceive reality will allow you to bend it, fold it, or even break entirely to build new ones. Theoretically this will give you a first idea of how you can use your magic that is by way of making you aware of how easily "reality" can be tampered with. But be warned, we are going to be going into a forest not many come back out of the same way. Though, there are those who wake up peacefully like from a nap, there are others who will bolt upright breathing heavily, as if realizing the nightmare. Make no mistake, awakening is the destruction of a world but only then can there be the creation of a new one.

The text I have decided to use for this course is called 'Prometheus Rising" by Robert Anton Wilson. You can find plenty of PDF versions of it online so its easy to follow along. [If you like the book please consider buying it.] There are a few reasons I chose this book, the main one being that I didn't want to alienate practitioners looking to get their bearings in magic but maybe not witchcraft. I did not want a book too deeply rooted into the occult for a basics class. but i also know you want to hear how it all ties together. This is also because the language of the universe, often isn't written in plain English. Correspondences and references are, in many cases, all you'll have as clues to deeper meanings. Therefore a system that provides the student tools to recognize when there are more layers at play should also allow the flexibility to be applied in other practices. The 8 Circuit model of conciseness is the system we will be discussing to achieve that. And once you are familiar with what to look for, you will recognize its connections in practices, and systems like the sciences, spiritualities, Tarot and other divinations, Witchcraft, etc. Realities break to make way for new ones. knowing what your reality is will give you a clear view of what can be broken away, and what needs to be preserved to keep from losing yourself. a clear view home is comfort in times of feeling lost.

By the end of this course you will have begun to turn the mirrors of reality back on themselves to see just how deep your own rabbit hole goes. Prepare to follow your wild ideas through forests of connections, and embrace your inspirations because we are becoming awakened


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