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The Moon, a Magical Measuring stick

"Mastering this illusory world within can grant you control over emotions and actions of our dark or shadow self & the Moon can act as a guide for this process."


In July of 2020 Tic-Toc witches attempted to hex the moon. Not to long after that, the platform was facing a potential ban from the US. While I could use this opportunity to talk about how we are all lucky that that's the least that happened, instead we are going to use it as a learning example and Segway into how the moon can, instead, assist with your craft. The Moon is a vital part of not just witchcraft but many kinds of magic & spirituality as it can serve as a kind of ruler. Its phases and symbology make it a perfect starting point for New Students of any practice and an staple page in any witches Grimoire.


The {Real} Moon

Figure 1

The Moon has a Sidereal orbit period of about 27 days (The time it takes to orbit 360 around earth) & a Synodic orbit of 29.5 days, (The time it takes for the moon to cycle through all 8 phases.) In most cases there are 12 Synodic Cycles giving us the 12 named Full moons {One for each month}, however occasionally (Every 33 lunar cycles or so) there is a 13th full moon called a Blue moon. One of the most familiar features of the moon are her 8 phases. Depending on what part side of the planet earth you live on you may see them in a different order, however this does not change the fact that we recognize the same 8 phases. (Figure 1)

Figure 2

The brightest side of the moon is always facing the sun regardless of its phase. This accounts for why a New Moon always rises with the sun in the morning and why and Full moon is brightest during the darkest point of night. As the Earth orbits the Sun and the Moon orbits the Earth the amount of illumination provided causes the shadow of the Moon to creep across her face giving us these 8 distinct phases as in (Figure 2)

Figure 3

In addition, and as many of you may already know, the Moon's natural gravitation has an effect on the

tides of our planet. It exerts enough of a pull to create what are knowns as Neap and Spring Tides. A Neap Tide happens during the 1st and third Quarter of the Moon. During this time The Sun and Moons position are 90 degrees from one another, pulling in different directions making tides seem lower than if it were a spring tide. The Spring Tide occurs when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction and opposition. This dual force pulling in like directions makes the tide greater. (Figure 3)


The {Mental} Moon

The Phases of the Moon and their meanings begin to blead into the mental universe in that they can correlate to what is called the 8 circuit model of consciousness. Popularized by Timothy Leary and further elaborated and emphasized by Robert A. Wilson the theory suggests that the human conscious goes through 8 stages of development on the proverbial road to transcendence. To learn more on each of them you can read the book Prometheus Rising, or listen to "The Whole Rabbit" podcast episode on it (part 2). While the direct connection is not made we can see a similarity by comparing the 8 Moon Phases with the 8 circuits:

-The Bio Survival Circuit = "I am" The New Moon

What is safe, what is not safe and can be equated to becoming aware of darkness

-The Anal Territorial Circuit = "I Desire" The Dark Crescent Moon

What is mine, what is not and can be equated to ones desires within the self

-The Semantic / Time Binding Circuit = "I Control" The 1st Quarter Moon

Where you learn about Symbols, shapes and letters. Your initial sparks of control over the cosmos.

-The Socio-sexual Circuit = "I Love" Waxing Gib. Moon

The stage concerned with imprinting sexual and sexual-emotional emotions.

-The Neurosamantic Circuit = "I Express" The Full Moon

The Awareness of and Expression of that Love in a non physical sense.

-The Metaprogramming Circuit = "I {am} Witness" Waning Gib. Moon

The awareness to your prior and ability to edit the prior Circuits

-The Morphogenetic Circuit = "I reflect" The 3rd Quarter Moon

The awareness to your past as a whole, as it relates to your ancestors and predecessors.

-The non Local Quantum Circuit = "I" The Balsamic / Light Crescent Moon

The connection to the "All Soul" or "God" The supreme collective conciseness connection.


The {Spiritual} Moon

While the sun represents all the things we are conscious of our Ego and how we act in front of others the spiritual Moon is said to represent the transformation process within us all as well as the darker natural inner workings that make and protect us. These are or reactions instincts and emotional habits. She is a reminder of our deeper more natural self and the rebirth and resurrection of the spirit. It's Tarot Card tells of the Fears of Illusion, The Darkness within and the wisdom gained from exploring this darkness. Mastering this illusory world within can grant you control over emotions and actions of our dark or shadow self & the Moon can act as a guide for this process. It leads one to the deepest darkest corners of the mind in order to put you face to face with you shadows. The Yang within the Yin so to speak.

The Moon, has a mainly Femininity connotation that also reflects itself in the pantheon of deities tasked with representing it along with its relation & control to water and emotions. Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are the Zodiac signs associated with this celestial body where Artemis, Tsukuyomi, Selene and perhaps one of the most recognized images, The Triple Goddess, are all aligned with it as well. This

Feminine aspect found across the board allows us insight into the mythos behind its meanings its natural receptiveness, and hints at the underlying nature within all of us. That nature, said to be the darker hidden animalistic nature lies within that dark forest in us and the Moon tells us to confront it examine it and know it. Not necessarily tame it, as there are parts of your nature that are not meant to be tamed but knowing the boundaries and the potential is more useful than not.

In addition to aligning with the 8 circuit model the moons phases and orbit aligns with the many spiritual calendars. One of which being the Wiccan Calendar of the year. This Calendar allowed for the tracking of the Wiccan Sabbats on a monthly scale, as well as the best times to preform particular rituals or spells.

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