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Tarot: The Lo Shu Spread

It's a crash Chinese Divination meets Tarot Divination course. Today we are going to learn a bit about the Chinese Magic Square known as the "Lo-Shu"

Named after the River in which it said to be discovered, the Magic 3 x 3 Numeric square was said to be brought to a king on the back of a sacred turtle. In addition, there seems to be a correspondence with the 8 circuit and Moon phase when looking at the Axis representations.

(Thought, Will, & Action on the X. Mental, Emotional, Practical / Physical on the Y) When Combined

{5 = Emotional Will, 6 = Physical/Practical Action etc.} you can begin to hear an echo of manifestation path magic.

Thought Will Action

Mental 4 9 2

Emotional 3 5 7

Phys/Prac 8 1 6

This is a lucky break for beginners as it means that the Lo-Shu can be measured using the Moon."Magic squares are conspicuous instances of the harmony of numbers and as an interpreter to man of the cosmic order which permeates all existence" This particular square, using all "real" numbers 1-9 when added across, down and, diagonal equate to 15. Following a curved path through each number in order gives one a knot that eerily resembles a Yin Yang.


So how do we Use the Tarot Spread?

Open your space, I like rocking in a patter similar to the Curves that would connect the grid as I prepare to lay my cards. Shuffle and energize your cards as you normally would and begin by considering where you would like to "end up." Traditionally the Magic path begins by placing a card 5 and ends on 5. This particular order gives a look into your Alignment each card speaking to what areas in your life may need examination. However Placing your cards in increasing Numeric order from 1 to 9 gives you information in a more chronological order. The spread lays out a path to the Reader taking them through a timeline in their life. (This is to say knowledge of the Vibration of Numbers and Number Correspondences will also deepen your understanding)

5: Center, The Home Stability and your Strength, Earth, --------

6: South East, Spiritual & Physical Travel, Metal, Grey Late Fall

7: East, Creativity and Children, Metal, White & Pastel, Early Fall

8: South West, Education Knowledge and Teaching, Green{blue?}, Early Spring

9:North, Reputation and Fame, Red, Early Summer

1: North, Your Career and Future, Wood (Wind), Black, Winter

2: North East, Marriage & relationships, Earth, Pink, Late Summer

3: West, Family & Health, Wood (Wind), Green, Early Spring

4: North West, Wealth and Prosperity, Wood (Wind), Spring

After laying your cards Close your Space

(Bonus) You can also Divine a birth chart by dropping your birth date into the grid. I have a few nines and twos so I'm said to have a strong career and reputation. What about you?

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