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The Qlipoth

As Above so Below. As within so Without. It is said that no tree can reach heaven without roots that reach down to hell. These varying phrases show that there is a correspondence and duality in the universe and it is this belief that brings us to examine the logical mirror to the Tree of Life, the Qlipoth.

means shell or Husk{Nicknamed the Tree of Death}

-Simply put, it is the counter force of the Tree of life.

wester creation of the 20th century (Relatively young)

-Created so as to have a deeper understanding of the Sepiroth. (A counter weight, The roots that keep the tree stable.

(1) Crown and Thaumiel

no precise translation

Anxiety and aggressive tension

(2) Wisdom and Ghogiel

The nature of resistance

the death os a spark

(3) Understanding and Satoriel

The nature of concealing

a lack of connection to the essence

(4) Knowledge and Belial

The greed for knowledge


(5) Mildness and Gah Agheblah

The nature of suffocation


(6) Golohab and Severity

Relentless destruction of the seeds to/that maintain

(7) Tagtimron and beauty

The nature of confusion

(8) Gharab and Victory

The nature of destruction

(9) Samael and Radiance

The nature of deceit

(10)Gomaliel and Foundation

The nature of consumption

(11)Lilith and Kingdom

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