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Spellcasting 000: Magic Release Keys

There are many that believe that there isn't anyone who can teach you how to use your magic. On one hand I agree with the statement. Your magic and your relationship with the energy that makes it will be completely unique to you. This however doesn't mean that one can not be taught process, or be given tools to make their magical growth easier. A magic Release Key is one such tool you may use.


The philosophy and symbolism behind the "key" is universal in its ability to grant access to, as well as lock things away. As its name suggests, a Magic Release Key is a phrase that gives one easier access to their wellspring of magic. In magic we can often times break basic spells into three main parts(*). These are :

  1. Connection stage

  2. Recital Stage

  3. Closing Stage

Magic Release Keys, as you can imagine, are for use during the connection stage to assist in your mental / spiritual connection. Often times beginners will find that in order to reach the mental state required to access what I affectionately refer to as, a wellspring of magic, they need to meditate, calm their breathing, ground themselves or exhibit intense focus. I am not suggesting a Magic Release Key is a quick fix for this situation, but a tool that might help. The intended use of a Magic Release Key is to be a vibrational trigger to remind the Mind, Body, Soul, etc of its state when you had easiest access to your "Wellspring". A save point of sorts. The Above Depicted Key, though lacking in an emotional correlation, can be used until one feels comfortable creating, and using their own. Later on one might create their own Key with a necessary emotional attachment


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