The Path of Tarot: A Fools Journey

The Fools Journey: The Fools Journey is the story of the Tarot and how you as the initiate make your way through each of the Major Arcana on your way to initiation. It puts into perspective the events you will come across on your journey to wholeness, your quest for magic, or just a look into the spiritual. The path the fool takes can be seen in the Tree of Life chart depicted as we go from the top most Sephirot of Kether all the way down to the earthy Malkuth. Understanding this path will give you more insight into not only your own personal journey but also the was that the Tarot works as a whole.

0 The Fool

Starting at 0 we find The Fool itself, a representation of both nothing and the potential for everything. As we know this card can also represent ourselves as we begin our journey into the forest of knowledge. A new Souls seeking whatever life meaning we can find. As you stand in the center you can see both positive and negative aspects poised to face them with the faith, optimism, and perhaps a bit of naivete. Despite not being at the center of the physical universe one could say that you are at this point, the center of your own universe.

1 The Magician & 2 High Priestess

Although they are separate cards and sephirots, the first beings that you will encounter on your Journey are The Magician and The High Priestess, two halves of the same coin. These two beings are the the balancing forces of the perceived universe. The Magician representing the positive active force one has on the physical universe, depicted with four tools (A Cup, Wand, Sword, and Disc), and the High Priestess representing the unconsiose spiritual force that drives us. These two are equal in every way despite being opposites and the {Positive / Negative} simply refers to the fact that everything has its opposite once it has been perceived.

3 The Empress

When we are young one of the first people we learn to recognize is our Mother. The Empress stands following the Magical ones as not only the maternal and natural force in the world but also the earth itself. We become aware of the senses, how they effect us, and which ones are triggered by what. The Empress is the one who protects us as we learn about the nature of the world.

4 The Emperor

The second person we learn to recognize is our Father. In the Tarot represented by the Authoritarian Emperor. Moving from the comfort and nurturing of exploration with the mother we find that the Fool has come to the point that they realize there are patterns and rules to the world they find themselves in. It can be manipulated the same way that the senses can and the outcomes can be predicted to an extent. There comes a new wave of excitement for exploration of the patterns set forth in the world and perhaps a mild form of frustration at the rules.

5 The Hierophant

After learning what is needed for basic functions in the outside world the Fool leaves their home and is met by a teacher. normally the Hierophant is someone who is arcane inclined but in generality this is the first real instructor that The Fool encounters. While in his presence one learns of belief systems, knowledge and group culture. The fool is taken in and taught about the systems in place and even begins initiations to some of the systems found.

6 The Lovers

The parting from the Hierophant brings means that one has to decide on their own beliefs and culture. The Lovers represent the fact that the Fool has decided on who "they" are and what they believe. This makes them susceptible to the duality principal and in it we find that the fool desires to complete himself in a union with another. The fool desires to be in a relationship, most likely with someone who shares his social beliefs.