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We Are Becoming: Awakened 002

Again we want to take a moment and address the obvious dangers that come with getting into this line of magic and practicing the systems in the coming classes.

By going forward please be aware that we will be, what can only be described as, "hacking our own mind" The exercises are designed to "crash course" you into activating neural pathways you otherwise may not have ever used. When we say full body awareness we mean it. The practice carries with it the very real possibility of hallucinations, damaging your Mind:: Body:: Nervous system, or even bricking yourself entirely (essentially becoming Braindead).

While your instructors will do their best to lead you into the practices as safely as possible we can not take responsibility for things going awry. Because of this adjust your practice to you own risk tolerance.

"Though, there are those who wake up peacefully, like from a nap, others will bolt upright breathing heavily, as if realizing the nightmare." Proceed knowing that not every awakening is blissful or easy.


Now that you are aware of "The Veil" its time to learn the 8 mental "circuits" that run said reality. Essentially the bio-mechanical inner workings of your brain. Note the fact that there are 8, a number that will be relevant going forward for many reasons.

These 8 circuits are as follows, (Pg. 40)

  1. The Oral Bio Survival Circuit

  2. The Anal Emotional-territorial Circuit

  3. The Time Binding Semantic Circuit

  4. The Moral Social-Sexual Circuit

  5. The Holistic Neurosomantic Circuit

  6. The Collective Neurogenetic Circuit

  7. The Meta Programming Circuit

  8. The Non-Local Quantum Circuit

Speaking honestly this is already some complex stuff. In the text we are only on chapter 2 but an alternative document "The Psychonaughts Field manual" provides this information at level 5 learning. Calling it "The Fist Big Secret" The chapter goes on to explain how the 8 Circuits are linked to you 8 Chakras, the 8 Phases of the moon and 8 of the 12 Sephirot's making up the Pillars of Mercy and Severity. If this all sounds like Gibberish don't worry. It my hopes that you will understand not only everything I'm saying but also the depicted charts in the examples by the end of the course.

So what does all of this mean in terms of magic? As mentioned in a prior class, taking such a deep dive past ones Veil will call into question your beliefs', your reality, and your place in it. Ego death, self disintegration, and the falling away of the very fabric of one perceived reality are very real dangers. So learning these circuits and "perhaps taking note of them" will serve as a roadmap back to "who you are."

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