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Welcome to The Forest (New Students Start Here)

Welcome to the Sleepy Forest Academy of Magic, where conversations and classes lead you to creating a better reality. Whether you're just passing through or you're here looking for a way into your own spiritual forest we hope that your journey with us of value.

Its no surprise that one of the most difficult questions to answer in magics is also one of the first ones asked. And with a craft like magic its hard to get anywhere when, " one can teach you how to use your own magic." In The Forest we seek to adhere to that philosophy of magical identity and instead of teaching you how to use your magics, we seek to make you aware of its existence. Becoming aware of the magic in the universe as well as ones own magics can be a jarring task but learning even the most basic practices will allow you to find the language of the universe in all sorts of unlikely places throughout your studies. Because the cool thing about magic is that it exists everywhere and in everything awaiting the signal you give it so that it may react accordingly. Here at the Sleepy Forest Academy we try to give you the tools to utilize and recognize the language of the universe so as command those triggers.

With the aim of building a community geared towards understanding the secret systems of magic and using it to better the reality in which we live, or even the reality of the self, The Sleepy Forest Academy employs a two pillar magical education system with a focus on Classes and discussions in open forums.

In The Forum:

Students can inquire about lessons, books, or any magical question that may be bothering you in the Forum and join conversations with instructors and their peers. As popularity for particular topics grows, you can expect that instructors will pick up the topic and create a class

In Classes:

An instructor will generally lecture about a topic across a wide variety of subjects in instructional videos or get more personal with Live Lessons. You can chat and ask questions and get better responses in classes than most forums.

Rather than endocrine you into our own understanding of these systems, our goal is to give you the tools to take your own studies to the next level. The Fire to see, The Water to feel, The Wind to carry your thoughts, and the solidity of earth, so that you may have confidence in your abilities. In this way you're relationship to magic will intentionally be unique to you because while I can teach you the to become aware, what you do with your awareness nobody can teach you.

New Students: If you're new to The Forest head over to the introductions thread to say hello. In doing so you will not only receive your Green Leaf New Student Badge but you will officially be deemed a Sleepy Forest Academy Student. As a Student you will have access to all Classes, Pages, and Forum threads that you otherwise would have missed out on. You will gain the ability to contact instructors directly, take part in student only events, or contribute and post your own classes, the goal at the end of this adventure is, again, a better understanding of Magical and spiritual systems, as well as a community to explore them with. We are happy to have you with us and look forward to exploring The Forest along side you.


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