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Tarot: The Syllabus

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Welcome to Sleepy Forest Academy's Tarot Intro, the first step in the course intended to give you a deep understanding of the Tarot system. On the surface Tarot is a set of 78 cards commonly used for divination, but as you come to truly understand it you will find that the complex system is not only capable of spookily accurate predictions, but also serves as a window into a deeper and more meaningful magic. With this course I hope to dispel any of the confusion newcomers may have when faced with the sheer amount of information available, not all of which is always accurate. In this class specifically I will be going over a few things such as, How I teach and the class structure, The knowledge that this class is intended to give you as you complete the course, and things you will need for the course as we move forward.

After practicing divination and magics for around 15 years you may find that each teacher will always tell you that there isn't anyone alive who can "teach" you how to use your magic. You have to experience it with your own being. I, as your teacher, can put the tools in your hands and give you the knowledge of how to use them as we traverse into the forest, but you will have to decide how to use them once you are there. The best learning comes with a combination of natural and structured mind. That being said, these classes will will start with an introductory topic, and a short lecture about the subject, practical applications and perhaps most importantly open discussions.

Aside from making you an adept Tarot reader for yourself and others, I plan to give you a deep understanding of the system. The Course is intended to make sure that you understand not only the meanings of all 78 cards but also

  • Tarot and its cards relations to The Three of Life, Numerology, Astrology and Astronomy

  • Their combinations when cast together

  • Spreads that you can use to divine specific information as well as how to create one

The ultimate goal of the course, again, is to dispel and confusion from the plethora of information and misinformation online, from false teachers, and what we affectionally refer to as "Fluffy Bunnies." Tarot is a language and each card is a syllable, being able to speak it and understand what the system is telling you will give you a better edge when it comes to your magical journey.

When it comes to things you will need for the class it goes without saying that you are going to want to have a tarot deck for this course. I'm not going to make it a requirement, it definitely will make practicing easier, but there are plenty of work arounds. There seems to be a running stigma about buying your own Tarot Deck. Whether you believe in this or not is up to your own risk tolerance but how you acquire one for this course is up to you. Having a Tarot deck will allow you to practice things we will learn in class as well as the ability to use them as sort of "Flash Cards." A notebook for keeping track of what you learn is something I always encourage. My own teaching style works best with notes and you will always be able to use your notes in the course quizzes/tests. How you keep them is up to you: Book of shadows, Loose leafed parchment, Cellphone, Laptop etc. The reason being that one should always keep a record of what they learn. In addition if you come by contradictory information you can go back and correct, or self-check what you have learned. Magic, and the lessons you learn will evolve over time. So most importantly bring an open mind.

When learning something new we bypass what is called "The Critical Factor" in our minds. It is the guardian of what we believe and in charge of making sure that the information that goes into our mind makes sense with our current reality. One such example is being told that the sky is blue, and the earth is flat. Your critical factor may pull together information from your prior experiences, or even send signals for you to look skyward. For sake of the example, it will send back a green light on the sky being blue and perhaps suspend belief on the earth being a plate. The idea is that in learning magic your critical factor will need to allow some of the information in to preform the skills you will learn here. Whether you think that belief is a tool or not in magic, which relies heavily on the users mental state, your critical factor will make things difficult if you have the prior disbelief in the system you are learning. So for now, if you aren't ready to completely throw yourself into the forest, at least suspend your belief till you give your own abilities a try. You may surprise even yourself.


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